Friday, May 4, 2007

Going Undergound

I wore the dress today (see last post). And if felt good. We had an Underground Artist meeting, and it was a sort-of birthday party for all of us. Pie, cupcakes, presents (well, I forgot to give them out until after...)

This group is small and powerful. It took a while for it to manifest; but I'd dreamed of it for years. It seemed so impossible, and then, it just worked out. I'm watching incredible things happening with these women, and it's so amazing to be there to support them, and to receive the support I need to. It's as if, by coming together, we're speeding up the process of whatever it is that we're going through. It's so awesome. Plus, there's usually some chocolate involved. I love it.


Kristen Schwartz said...

The pictures are so great. Somehow we need a picture of all of us in one. It is such an amazing group. I can't imagine us ever being without each other. Isn't that strange?

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

It's weird to me that it seemed so impossible to figure out who were the "right" people to get together...when all along, you three were my good friends... now it seems so OBVIOUS!