Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Family Heirlooms


I know it's not big news, but here's another post about one of the brushes I use. Say you're excited?

My mother was an artist too; painter, sculptor and sometime potter. I inherited her brushes: all high-quality; some unusable; most, antiques! This brush stole my heart, if you can say that about a brush. I wanted you to see all the years of paint that are built up on the handle. It's beautiful.

I don't use it as much these days; I tend to use flat, wide brushes. And it seems about time to retire it. Maybe I'll have a little ceremony for it, along with the "Harvey Berin" pencil (from one of my mother's fashion illustration jobs in the 1940's)...
these are my family heirlooms.


heidi said...

Happy Birthday OLD chum ;-)
Hope all is well,
LOVE the paint brush shots!!!!

Kristen Schwartz said...

I think you should use it in a ode.

melissa lanitis gregory said...

Heidi: thanks for the b'day wishes...and for indulging my fondness for the old brush.

Kristen: I have saved a bunch of my mom's old brushes to use somehow, someday...