Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Hair and Big Helmets

I need an editor. Or, I really need to read my previous posts before I start writing. I repeat myself alot. My kids and I started watching "The Secret" again last night, and if it's really all about our thoughts and feelings, then I'm not going anywhere until I stop cycling through the same thoughts over and over, and start down a new thought path...

We did alot of "watching" yesterday because my oldest son is sick... and so we also watched "Labyrinth", which I somehow managed never to see in the 80's. It was recommended to me by my friend Shelley Hocknell, who insisted (in a nice way) I see it; she says my helmet series reminded her of the costumes.

Lots of BIG 80's hair, and lots of really cool helmets. Brian Froud was the designer, and I loved seeing his sketches in the "making of" feature on the DVD... That's one very cool thing about art: inspiration comes from so many different places, sometimes places you'd never expect. I don't consider myself inspired by fantasy art, but I do love his work, and there is a part of me that loves costumes (even though Halloween isn't my favorite holiday). I believe we all dress just a tad on the boring side, and should be costumed on a daily basis. Life would be much more interesting if we were brave enough to wear tiaras or boas to the grocery store, at the very least. (When I had my Harley, years ago before everyone and their grandmother had one, I used to love walking into Raley's in my leathers. People looked at me VERY differently.) But if we ALL felt free to dress up whenever we wanted... okay, it would be wierd. Maybe not "dress up" but be more creative in our clothing choices. (I feel a rant against Old Navy coming on.)

But I've got to go, when you get dressed today, make some cool clothing choices. Even if you're sitting around the house. Do it in your boa. You'll have a totally different experience of the day.

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