Monday, October 8, 2007

Form vs. Function

Feels like a good time for a nap... still fighting off that cold. But I haven't posted in awhile, so here's something I wrote a few weeks back:

I just realized something....
I like functional objects, and functional art, but NOT necessarily for their functionality.
I like them for their forms, color, design.

I may never even use them.... I'm reminded of a visit to some old friends of my husband's back in New York. The first time we visited their home, K. showed us around. In the bedroom, on her walls, was a beautiful collection of vintage hats. This woman lives in rural upstate New York; not Fifth Avenue. Does she wear these hats often? I'd guess not. But she displayed them for the gorgeous pieces that they were. No hat boxes here.

It's like my burgundy velvet spaghetti strap dress that I bought at the local thrift store this spring. I wore it once, to the final Harry Potter book release party. I can't bear to tuck it into the still hangs on the door, because I love it. It makes me happy just to look at it.

So it is with some of my work, like the clocks, which DO function, but as it says right on them, "Does anybody really know what time it is?", and there's not a number to be found on any of them....And there's the bowls. Again: limited functionality. They ARE bowls, so of course you can put things in them. But not the lemons. DO NOT put your lemons in there, because when you forget about them and they go moldy, you won't be able to stick the bowl in the dishwasher... You can, however, put the bowl on your mantle, and admire it, in all it's lemon-less loveliness, as you stroll by on your way to dump the moldy lemons. OR, as has been demonstrated, you can turn the bowl upside-down, and stick it on your head. Hence, the new art helmets.

These may be the most functional art I've done yet!
(Besides the earrings. Photos of those to come.)

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