Friday, November 30, 2007


When I first moved to Tahoe, in 1987, I drove around in a borrowed gold Ford Pinto, with the words "eat me" written in shaving cream and congealed above the driver's side door (for reasons unrelated to me, and which I won't bother explaining). The point, however, is that I have not been able to sleep these last few nights, and these are the kind of thoughts which pass through my brain at 4:00 am.

The other thing that has been going through my brain are loads of inspired ideas that hopefully I won't be too tired to act on. I keep a pad by my bed, and scribble thoughts in the dark:

"necklaces (this is somehow underlined, which is hard to do accurately in the dark) cut pc of HC and hang off cool stick hang on wall"

and under that it says:

"bougles? purple beady thing"


I'm sure it has it's merits, but I have absolutely no idea what I meant by that. Anyone?


bbell said...

Bougles. Sounds like you're Boggled.

I don't sleep either Mel. And, while I've battled it forever... someone (who knows - really) told me some sure ways to sleep. Here you go:

1. Forget about thinking that not sleep is bad. If you are not sleeping, you just don't need it and don't worry and get up and work on your necklaces!

2. Sleep is over-rated. You can sleep when you die.

3. Try to fantasize. Sounds like you're 87 bouglicious epitaph on your car will give you some ideas.

4. Get up!

Love your etsy store. However, I'm coming by in December to take my pick of your goods for my family.

Good night!


Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Okay, if I don't sleep tonight, I'll make up for it upon my demise!
Then I'll get up and peruse the TAMC site for hours...

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Come to think of it, it might have said "bangles". But that doesn't make any sense either, even if it is an actual word.

Kristen Schwartz said...

A bougle is a kind of flyfishing reel.

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Really? What on earth could I have meant by that?!

And what is the "purple beady thing"?