Sunday, November 11, 2007

User Name, Schmoozer Name

This is what it looked like outside my studio this morning...
I said I'd have the Etsy store up and running this weekend, and I'm almost there. What's hanging me up is the stupid user name. (I'm going to go into a rant here...just a head's up!) Technically, my business name is Paper Moon, which is all well and good, except that it's EVERYBODY'S business name, it seems. So when I registered a domain name, it couldn't be just "". It had to be "mypapermoon" or something equally as ridiculous. Which is why I ended up with Now everyone thinks THAT is the name of my business, which makes it sound like I'm an art supply store. I'm beginning to regret my choices, and to compound it, I've called this blog something COMPLETELY different. Which I like. Which is unique. Which I could use as my business name, if I wanted to change it (again; I've already changed it once!).
The reason I am telling you all this is because tonight, HOURS ago, when I typed in "papermoon" as my Etsy user name, it was taken. OF COURSE it was taken. In fact, there are 6 other shops with the words "paper moon" in them. NONE of them make anything out of paper, but this doesn't seem to be a prerequisite for using the name.
Anyhoo, I've sat here for a loooong time, trying to decide what to do about the Etsy user name:
Do I call it "Papermoonarts", and just live with it?
Do I call it "Unglued", yet keep my unoriginal and completely unrelated business name?
Do I go with "Unglued", but consider changing my business name, url, etc. in the future?
And what about...(gasp!) Naomi?
(C'mon; didn't anyone watch ZOOM when you were a kid?)

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