Friday, December 7, 2007

Art Display, the Low Tech Way

Hardware cloth: the low-tech way to display your art!

I used hardware cloth this summer when I put together some standing panels to use at the TAP show. It's very rough-looking, but with the recycled nature of my work, I think it's good fit. (never liked those cloth-covered panels; always reminds me of my former life as a graphic designer, or like I'm in an office cubicle somewhere...searching for the cheese....)

The women of Riverside Studios have a knack for displaying their work. And one thing that caught my eye was, yes, a piece of hardware cloth hanging on the wall: an earring display!
How clever is that? So, I did what any self-respecting artist would do: I stole the idea.

I like the industrial feel of it... and as my art leans towards the charmingly imperfect, I think it's better than showing my work on a more "polished" surface...

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