Sunday, December 16, 2007

Actual Reception

Today is our third Underground Artists Holiday Open Studio. And today is also the last day of the Virtual Reception. You can comment until 5:00. After that, I'm going to have somebody pull a name out of the hat. I'll post it here later.

I woke up feeling inspired, so that's it for this morning. Even though the studio is sparkling clean and completely straightened up, I've got to run in there this morning and put something together... gotta run!


cahillmulligan said...

Hope your actual reception is as much fun as the virtual one has been!

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

We had alot of fun today. Wish you could have been here too! I'm exhausted though...and I think I may have actually eaten too much there such a thing?

Thanks for helping to make my Virtual Reception a success! I really enjoyed your comments. I hope you'll stay in touch.