Thursday, December 13, 2007

John Cusack Not Throne Away

I've been going on so much about the earrings lately, it seems I've almost forgotten some of the other work I'm busy with... like necklaces. That's actually how the earrings came about; I started creating necklaces with scrap pieces, and wonder of wonders! if you cut that in half, you've got earrings! It's amazing. Anyway, here's a pic of a necklace I finished today. It's pretty big. I like them bigger; they're like small works of art that you can wear around your neck.

For some reason, I also felt compelled to post some photos of my older work. A "greatest hits" of sorts. MY favorites. Sometimes I get focused on what I'm working on at the moment, and I forget that I've gone off in all these other directions that some day I'd like to re-visit. Anyway, here they are:

"Be In Your Barbie" hangs out in my studio. Her legs wiggle, and I love that. It's a great mood-lifter! If you come by the Open Studio, I'll let you wiggle them.

"Idle Worship" hung on our wall for a looong time, much to my husband's dismay. (He HATES John Cusack; I wonder why? I love him. Hmmm...) I gave John to a friend who really loved the piece (and John). Her name is Stacey, and she's a very brave woman, as well as a talented ceramic artist, who is currently waiting for a liver transplant, so think good thoughts for her.

This last pic is my functional recycled toilet paper roll throne, titled "Not Throne Away". That was raffled off to benefit the local Tahoe library. (Our local library rocks!) It was alot of work, but some day I'll make another one. And keep it.


Kristen Schwartz said...

Your work really showcases nicely on your blog. I love seeing your older work and your new necklace is very very cool! I can't wait to see that in person.

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Thanks, K... I made another new necklace today. I'll post a pic tomorrow if it came out okay; I took it while wearing the necklace and holding the camera so that I could see the screen in the mirror! It was fun, for me, to take another look at the older work; glad you enjoyed it too.

cahillmulligan said...

Indeed, what a treat to get a peek at your older work...!

Was the throne really functional? Where did it end up?

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Carrie, thank you for the compliment on the older work. As for the throne, it WAS full-sized and you COULD sit on it. It was essentially more decorative than functional, though. I donated it to our local library to be raffled off, and one of the librarians won it. I should ask her how it's holding up! I also made an earlier, child-sized throne, which I gave to Kristen's daughter. She still has it in her room.