Thursday, July 5, 2007

If You're Going on a Roller Coaster Ride, Bring the Chocolate

How much can we blame on Mercury being retrograde, really? And how much chocolate can one person consume before becoming, well, fat?
These things were on my mind this week as I was getting ready for the Festival of Fine Arts coming up this weekend. Along with the more obvious things on my mind: the Angora Fire, some Blue Turtle Seduction tunes that got stuck in my head, and the burning question "who are the idiots who toilet-papered our house yesterday?"

So you can see that there's alot going on, but I'm still focused on the work, and besides the roller-coaster of emotions, I think I'll be ready. I've got lots of new work, including a new line of necklaces I'm trying out. I've done the best I could do in the time I had, and since my friend Kristen Schwartz (illustrator extraodinaire) and I are doing it together, it's going to be fun.

We're looking at this as a learning experience, and I can see that I've already come a long way from the last time I did this show 2 years ago. That was my first outdoor show experience, and I'm still getting together the materials I need for this sort of thing. I'm not sure how much I want to do outdoor shows, or what are the best venues for my work. I'm just moving forward. And I hope that things will become more clear as I go along.

Although Mercury is still retrograde. Better make sure I've got chocolate on my show checklist...


Kristen Schwartz said...

Darn it! You are so practical. My show list needs to be updated. I have things like pens, change, duct tape, but not chocolate. I'm so glad we are doing this show together. (It's going to be really fun!)

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

And I am so glad that you read my blog! And comment. The only problem I see with the chocolate is that it melts...either we'll have to eat it quickly, ie: for breakfast, or maybe M&M's? The dark kind, of it still true that they "melt in your mouth, not in your hand?"