Tuesday, July 17, 2007

North Shore Inspiration

I'm a blogging fool. I am also procrastinating heavily... (see my other blog post for today at the Underground Artists page...)

Anyway, I spent this past weekend looking around the area at some of the shops and galleries to see if any might be right for my work. (They're not.) It was somewhat discouraging, but two things made up for it:

1. I got to visit with my North Shore artist friends, Carole Sesko, Eve Werner, and Sara Zimmerman, who are all incredibly talented and cool and nice.

2. I met one of the three artist/owners of Riverside Studios, a beautiful shop/studio in Truckee. This was inspiring to me, not only because of the great works in leather, pottery and jewelry, but because these people weren't finding what they needed, so they created it. And also because of how that led to the next things in a very organic way: the potter became involved with some Sunset magazine projects and local eateries, creating pieces for them. She's very busy!

I envision a path like that for myself, which is hard, because when you don't really know what it is, how can you imagine it? What I do see is a career/life path that follows that general pattern: following my instincts and moving forward with a certain amount of trust. Events following organically, not forced or even planned, really...it SEEMS hard, but it should be easy, really.


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