Monday, January 14, 2008

Artwork-A-Week #1

Beyond Darkness, mixed media by Melissa Lanitis Gregory
This week I started a project I'm calling "Artwork-A-Week". For the first piece, I chose to deconstruct an old mixed media piece I did a while back (admittedly awful!). Usually when I'm getting back to work after a break, I'll do something sort of personal to start, and this one morphed from the generic use of Marianne Willliamson's quote, to a piece about me and my mother (who passed away in 2002).

I used two smaller papier mache "frames", plus some wooden pieces with the quote, which I painted. I added the sort of creepy garaBeyond Darkness, detailge-sale ceramic angel at the top. (All from the original ugly piece.)

Viola! As Robert Stelson used to say...


Kristen Schwartz said... looks good. I like the dowel in there tying it all together. It gives it a nice feel, more austere than the wire...really nice. I also like that the bells are sneaking an appearance.

M. Lanitis Gregory said...

Thanks, Kristen. I'm glad I got that first "back to the studio" piece out of the way! Those first ones are always hard after a break...