Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Deconstructionist Art

Going back to the "challenge myself" mantra, I've decided to challenge myself to do a "work a week"; a mixed media piece, mostly of the 2D variety. (I plan on doing more helmets also, but it takes a while to make the forms, and I couldn't do one a week...maybe one a month though.)

So I got myself into the studio, more or less at the promised time yesterday, even after reading a blog post by Lisa Call about the perils of keeping set studio hours. She makes a good point about...well, I can't remember her point, you'll have to read her post here. (While you're at it, read her next post about the "resolution revolution" and courage.) For me, it's a decidedly good thing, because, for the rest of my day, I'm not anxious about getting in there: "Will I?" and if I do: "Can I go back later too?" I would just be in the studio all day, or at least thinking about being in there!

Anyway, the point is (yes, there IS a point) I started my first weekly piece. Actually, I started by deconstructing an existing piece that I never liked. The first photo shows the big ugly old piece. The next photos show the elements I plan to use to create two new, smaller pieces.

And lastly, to facilitate uninterrupted studio time, I put up the sign at right to serve as a reminder to my kids that they are NOT to interrupt Mom unless the circumstances are dire; ie: "Any blood? bones? No? Go away." I know, kind of cruel, but being a mom and an artist is about being able to set some boundaries. There is a "YES" on the other side, which is what I see when I'm working. And I can turn it over, if I'm in the mood to be interrupted, or if I feel the need to have somebody sing "Jingle Bells" to me in an annoying voice. So you see, there are options.


Kristen Schwartz said...

That was a cool post. I liked it a lot. I'm intrigued by your new piece!

M. Lanitis Gregory said...

My first idea for one of the pieces totally changed when I started working on it today. And now that I'm looking at the pics I posted, and seeing those old photographs (my mother and myself) juxtaposed with those words...
I'm intrigued too.