Saturday, January 5, 2008

Virtual Reception Comes Full Circle

Here's the post I meant to sit down and write this morning:

Before starting into my 2008 blog posts, with all that wonderful "focusing", etc. I want to come full circle with my Virtual Open Studio. Carrie Cahill Mulligan was one of the winners, and nicely posted photos of her wearing the earrings here. Thank you Carrie! (And thank you for the "artisan jewelry" moniker; I like it!) The other pair is somewhere in Paris, possibly en route to Bangkok. I'm international!


cahillmulligan said...

It's my pleasure, to be sure!

"Artisan," "small batch," "limited edition" and "art to wear," are all apt monikers for work like yours and mine... Use them freely!

And let me know if you think of any others...

Sometimes it's the obvious that elude us: although I had been using the tags "fine craft" and "felt hat" on my site, only recently did I include "art" and "fashion"... doh!

Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

I guess the obvious HAS been eluding me; I've struggled with words to describe my work, and never thought of using any of those! There's a shop in Truckee that has my earrings, run by a potter and a leather worker, and their tagline is "Art, Fashion, Function"... kinda says it all. You could call your hats functional art too!