Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Focus, Focus, Focus

One of the reasons I started back to blogging is Alyson B. Stanfield's blog (www.artbizcoach.com, www.artbizblog.com ). In yesterday's blog, she talked about focusing the writing. I've been thinking about that anyway.

This past month, my focus completely changed. At the meeting of our very first art group (more on that soon), I set my goal for the coming month to finish 10 new pieces. I got about halfway done with 7 or 8 of them, and hit a wall. Kind of an ice wall: my studio is on the north side of the house, and when the snow slides off the roof, it becomes a dark and freezing cold ice cave....not conducive to creativity. At the same time, my husband suggested that he could finish the new studio he's renovating for me. Soon. I guess I'd kind of given up on that getting done anytime before spring (well, it's almost spring, isn't it?). But I'd been so focused on getting this work done, that I didn't realize I could shift my focus, and instead, get my new, sunny, slightly-more-spacious-yet-infinitely-more-private studio finished! What a revelation! Hooray!

So that's my focus at the moment. The completion of the new studio. More thoughts about an artist's space. And then? A studio-warming party!


Phil said...

Love the new space - show some images of you working in it once its done. Right now, it looks - very white. Tell Mr. A it needs color.


Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

Alan told me that I had to hang ONE thing in it, for color, when it was done... I did put something in it, and have since moved in some furniture. It's so pristine that I can't imagine messing it up! I will try to post some pics of me working soon. Thanks for reading and posting!