Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sorry, Mr. Spock

This past week felt kind of crazy. There was the open house, the trip to the Big Gallery, the piece for the Recycled ARTicles show ("Whirl"; it spins! see photo), and movie night (Evelyn Glennie, "Touch the Sound"). It all got done, for better or for worse. Now I get to go out of town for 10 days. You KNOW it's been nuts when I'm looking forward to getting in a car with my husband and two kids for a long trip!

What I'll still be thinking about, though, is Evelyn Glennie ( ) and how far she is taking her passion for music, not in spite of her deafness, but almost BECAUSE of it. There's a quote from her, on her site: "Approach things from strength, not need." What would we do, if we were not limiting ourselves within the paradigms of what we see as a "career" in art? What would we be doing, if we weren't thinking so much about making money with our creative abilities? Of course, I want to make an income. But whenever I am thinking directly of art as a means to an end (income), the whole thing gets difficult and confusing.

What would happen if we focused on the aspects of making art (and careers) that we truly love doing (our strengths) while at the same time, focusing on prosperity and abundance. But not necessarily tying them together... Maybe what I'm trying to say is to stop thinking about this logically. I like the sound of that. Sorry, Mr. Spock.

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