Sunday, April 15, 2007

Never Do That Again

Recipe for a seriously bad vacation:

Take one small Subaru. Pack it entirely full. Add two brothers in the backseat, and one pre-menstrual mom in front. Top off with mega-Alpha male dad in the drivers seat.
Drive for two entire days, or until all humans are overly grumpy. For fun, add trips to Seattle's Space Needle, but balance with parentally exhausting Science Museum. Don't forget the plugged up toilet at the hotel! Next, drive for the entire day to see Mt. St. Helens...whiny six year old optional. (well, not for us.) Once in Portland, make sure mom is well on her way to the sinus infection and has her period before heading out to the Saturday Market! Once back in the motel, just for fun, the fire alarm goes off! False alarm! Haha!
Finally, finish up with two more days in the car, and make sure everyone hates each other before stopping.

WE all agree: we'll never do that again.

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