Saturday, April 28, 2007

Randomly Rambling

mmm... chocolate... excuse me while I finish this bite...
Ok. Let's see. I've applied for this local fine arts festival (see sidebar) and now I'm working like mad in the studio. Which is good. Apparently, I need deadlines like this. Good to know. I've come up with some new ideas, and you know what? I'm having fun. Yay.

I promised some actual interesting blog content, a while back, in case anyone is reading this. And if nobody is, that's okay too. I'm just trying to get the hang of it; get in the habit of writing, while I think about what it is I'm thinking about. Then, I'll have to figure out the Technorati tag thing...

I don't want to just ramble on about what I did today, or about random thoughts floating through my head; that would get repetitive, certainly. And maybe I don't even need a focus. But I'd like this blog to be ABOUT something. Some possible ideas that came up are: papier mache, local art events (THAT would be in South Lake Tahoe; but I remain hopeful), the status of my art... See my dilemna? What am I going to write about that is helpful to myself, as well as others? (There's a great kids' book series called "Minnie and Moo" with a cow who thinks too much and gets herself in trouble; I feel like that cow.)

And if anyone IS reading this, I encourage you to leave comments. You have to set up a Google account; it's actually quite painless. It helps people to find this blog, and if I figure out why that's important, I will let you know!

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Melissa Lanitis Gregory said...

I thought I'd just leave a comment and see if I get a Google alert if I mention recycled art or Melissa Lanitis Gregory. Plus, it looks like someone read my blog.