Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Googly-Moogly

One of my Google alerts is for recycled art, and I'm getting alot of alerts these days (with Earth Day going on). This is how I found Magpie & Cake's blog, and from them, this cool site:
This group is taking your art, in the form of mail that you create and send to them (postcards, letters, etc.), and documenting them by posting them to their site. I loved their attitude (fun) and concept. I'm going to send them a submission one of these days (it's ongoing). Most likely after the July show...You can too!

The other cool link was for something called Shapetionary...didn't get the url, oops. The idea is funny and different: to document all the object nouns in the dictionary with pictures... you can participate; they're looking for artists. I will try to get the url and post in my links; I'm sort of pretending that I have a readership. That way when I do, someday, I'll have gotten the hang of this.

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