Saturday, April 28, 2007

Artist Mom

I've looked. There's not alot on the web regarding life as an artist AND a mom. It's such a difficult juggling act. I had a mother who was an artist, and I'm beginning to understand alot about the difficulties she faced, and how it impacted our relationship. Good and bad.

I'm going to begin writing with that in mind. (And if it's not THE focus, then it'll be one of them.) Because every day, I am dealing with my personal needs, my children's needs, and trying to find a balance that I can feel okay with. Maybe it's my personal struggle; with an introverted artist for a mother, I felt like I got the short end of her stick. And as an introverted artist myself, with two kids, I really REALLY try hard not to let things get out of balance, in either direction. (We also homeschool, so that adds another dimension...)

Now I've got to get into the studio for a couple of hours, so I can get some work done before I go to Griffin's baseball game...

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Kasie Sallee said...

Great post! I totally understand. There really isn't much out there for Artist Moms. I've looked too. And sometimes you can feel like you're alone in this struggle to balance it all. I've told my husband that I feel like there are 2 parts of me: the Mom part that loves to play with my kids and just be a Mom, & the introverted artist part that would love nothing more than just spending a day alone painting. I like both parts of me and I don't want to give either part up. If I could just find a way to balance them both it would be great!