Friday, March 16, 2007

Getting Organized

The flat file is truly a miracle of modern engineering. I'm moving piles of cardboard, and boxes of papers, and more rolls of paper... and they're all fitting into this one amazing piece of furniture that I bought used from a photographer who lives nearby.

As I'm moving materials, supplies and furniture from the old space to the new one, I'm discovering things I forgot I had....One box of papers held brightly colored sheets of tissue paper that I'd printed on, in equally bright colors. I had forgotten all about them. I fell in love with them all over again, and now that I've rediscovered them, I can start using them. It's been like that with alot of things that were hidden in drawers or boxes and forgotten. I really need to SEE my raw materials in order to be excited about using them.

Alot of these things will be going back into drawers and boxes; how will I remember where and what they are? Maybe I need to periodically just start randomly pulling things out, and throwing them onto my work table; see what comes of it. Maybe getting better organized (this is a good opportunity) and just labeling boxes and drawers more clearly would help.

It's sort of like the way my 6 year old operates: whatever is in front of him at the moment is the item that occupies his attention.What do I want in front of me at this moment?

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