Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quantum Physics and Chocolate

an emotionally exhausting few days...

I had the Open House for my new studio, with my outstanding friend, Scary Kristen, and several other wonderful people there to celebrate. But I find myself stuck in disappointment that the Throngs I expected never showed. Ego stuff; doesn't feel good... Still, my new space makes me very happy. And I'm thankful for that.

Today, I brought some of my work to a local gallery where I thought it might fit. The owner said it was too "whimsical and funky" and her shop was a step above that. She might consider some of the new clocks I'm working on, and gave me suggestions for the bowls, so that was helpful. Still, the disappointment lingers...
Why? I know I don't want to walk around in those negative vibes...and really, it was positive in that I got good feedback from a successful gallery owner. AND, she might take some work in the future. AND, this is a gallery I've been aspiring to for months.

Anyway, in the bigger picture, what do I really want? (just watched "The Secret" again...) I want to be financially independent, and healthy, etc etc. But does the financial independence have to come from selling my artwork? Or can I leave the "how" up to the Universe and Quantum physics?

I guess I feel better now. The chocolate I ate didn't hurt, either.

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