Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

I've been working all day on these art helmets. (I'd post a pic but the hubby took the camera with him for the weekend, along with the boys...)

I'm through with my latest bout of existential angst, thank you very much... and, after the seemingly endless tedium of the layering process, I've happily moved on to the painting phase. The first layer of color is down; naples yellow. I'm going to continue these next two helmets (and the two bowls I'm also working on) in the same vein as the first helmet: candy corn style... (Although a fourth helmet is threatening to be very red, with some beaded fringe. Can't wait to get to that one!) There are alot of layers of color to go on yet. I'm trying to finish these for Monday, when I deliver work to the North Tahoe Arts Artisan Store, and Riverside Studios in Truckee, for this month's show: "Noir". (see sidebar for more info).

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