Monday, September 17, 2007

Now You Can Subscribe

I just got done adding the "Subscribe" feature... phew.
I'd seen it on another artist's site, and wanted an easy way for readers to access my blog regularly, but didn't want something that I couldn't easily figure out, if it was me! So it had to be REALLY easy. I think this is. The other option was the RSS feed thingie... I tried that once, to subscribe to another artist's blog, and I didn't like it at all. This one, the one I set up here, allows you to receive the blog updates as an email. Give it a try and tell me how you like it.

On second thought, if you're receiving the post in an email, you don't get the benefit of the lovely page design, etc etc...

Well, we'll just try it for awhile and see how we feel about it, shall we?

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