Friday, August 24, 2007

Artisans of the Karen Hill Tribe

I'm not really procrastinating; I'm waiting. (There's a difference.) I'm waiting for a package from, so I can finish up the necklaces. All of the these new necklaces will have toggle clasps made by the people of the Karen Hill Tribe in northern Thailand. So in the meantime, I googled them, and learned a bit about them. You can find out more here. I looked at the photos of the people making the actual beads; it's amazing to see that real people are crafting these tiny silver items...whole families working together on each item. I decided to go with these clasps because it felt good to use something handcrafted to compliment the recycled nature of the necklaces. It's nice to know it's helping to support these families as well. I'll try to post some photos when they're finished.

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