Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elusivity, Part ii

I'm not sure, but I may have done it again...
where I'm trying to improve on something I've done, but I actually make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Or not.

Maybe tomorrow morning I'll have a better idea of how I like these new necklaces. (I'd post photos, but my camera is up on a mountain somewhere, with my husband.)

Anyway, I was adding beads to the papier mache necklace pieces. This gives them a bit more visual "weight". I don't consider beading my strong point, but...I HAD FUN. I was going at it with my design training: shape, color, balance... Also, I squinted at them alot (really), and it got easier. I actually enjoyed myself enough to work through dinner time; not something I do often...

So, that is enough. If I like them, even better. And if others like them, and want to buy them, well, that'll be the best.

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