Friday, August 10, 2007

Update Update

I finally got it together to mail (okay, well, I haven't actually mailed the snail-mail letters yet....but they are printed out and ready to go, and the emails have gone out...) an update (you forgot what I was saying, didn't you?) for all the folks on my mailing list, whether they remember who I am or not! If you'd like to be on my mailing list (obviously I'm not going to send you alot of mail...this one's been so long overdue that I really think some recipients will respond with a resounding "who?!") you can contact me at

And, Julie Douglass has just opened a new shop in Reno, NV, called Artisans International. She is featuring my work, along with a staggering array of beautiful art and other fair trade items. I think my art sorta fits, as it's been described as folk art. You can visit the store at 3368 Lakeside Court, off of Lakeside, at Moana. Or visit her website for more information!

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