Friday, August 10, 2007

Well-Spoken by Robert Genn

This is a direct quote from Robert Genn's newsletter.

"Imagine developing skills so profound and distinct that no one else comes near. It may be difficult, but it just might be worth it. Here are a few possibilities:

Identify weak areas and self-workshop them.
Repeat unique methodologies until they are mastered.
Explore personal nuances and make them yours.
Push on when you're pushing your limits.
Trust in ideas and follow your intuition.
Find out where your new strengths are.
Learn to be your own challenger and advocate.
Know that quality is always in style.
Don't worry if things turn out to be commercial.
Laugh on the way to the bank."

Robert publishes a twice-weekly newsletter and has a great website with lots of resources for artists. The focus is on painters, but it's really more than that. Plus, he seems like a super-nice guy. Thanks, Robert!

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